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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  October 6, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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a baby mystery. a 1-year-old disappears in wrist home in the mid -- in the middle of the night from his home. >> i'm mary bubala. >> and i'm don scott. >> how did the baby boy get from his bed to a car in the middle of the night. we have weijia jiang joining us from wilke avenue with how the
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baby was discovered and what police are now saying. >> reporter: good afternoon. even police are calling this a bizarre case. no suspects and the baby was found three houses down. the woman woke to a chilling sight. >> my mom called me at 3:00 and told me that she was on the way to my brother's house. my nephew had been taken. >> reporter: the 14-year-old was reported missing at 2:00 a.m. several hours later, ken watts went out to start his car and heard a disturbing sound. >> i heard a baby and i looked in the car and saw a child in the car next to me. >> the baby was shivering. >> like he had been in there all night. >> reporter: the toddler was found in this vacant car. detectives do not know how or why someone put him there.
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neighbors believe it was by chance. >> they forgot to lock the door and someone thought it was unlocked. >> reporter: and as investigators try to figure out what happened, cory is back with his parts ends. >> these -- parents. >> this is a blessing that he is found in a matter of hours and he is safe. he is not injured or hurt. >> reporter: police believe this toddler was left alone for several hours. because it was so chilly last night, he was taken to the hospital for a check up. reporting live, weijia jiang, wjz 13 news. >> thank you. no charges have been filed at this time. the investigation continues. a trial is under way this noon for a man accused of drowning his three children in a downtown hotel bathtub. mark castillo's attorneys are
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claiming he was insane. he was in the middle of a custody battle with his wife. today, the first doses of the swine flu vaccine are here in maryland. much of the shipment will good to health care -- will go to health care workers on the frontline. wjz is live. derek valcourt has the latest from sinai hospital. >> reporter: health care clinics are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the vaccine so they can administer the vaccine this afternoon. the vaccine shipments are said to arrive over the coming days. the state will get 34,000 doses of the vaccine in mist form. that is enough to cover 1% of
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the 2.9 million marylanders that are at risk for getting the illness. >> i would say the shipment of the vaccine is the first step in a very long marathon. >> reporter: the vaccine arrives too late for destinee parker and eight others, but state health officials hope to get 1 million doses by the end of the month. >> the federal government is hoping to vaccinate every american. we will continue to order against what is available to maryland. >> reporter: it must be refrigerated when it arrives at health care clinics and hospitals. and health care workers will be the top priority for the nasal mist vaccinations as they begin arriving in maryland this afternoon. that way they are protected as they vaccinate the rest of the population. derek valcourt, wjz 13 news. >> thank you. stay with wjz for the complete
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flu watch coverage and updates. go to for the latest information. mikhail -- general david petraeus announced he had prostate cancer surgery in february. he has been quiet about this until now because his family considered it a personal matter. the war in afghanistan is a major priority in washington as the obama administration works on a new strategy for it. we have sally thorner with the latest on this story. >> reporter: good afternoon, don. the need for a new strategy is underlined by the bodies of four u.s. soldiers back on american soil today. they are among the eight killed by insurgents over the weekend. troops are trying to hunt down the insurgents. so far, they killed 40
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suspected militants. democrats and congress are against committing more soldiers to the fight. there will be a closed-door meeting to discuss their options. >> the pentagon says one thing is certain. pulling out of afghanistan is not an option. roman polanski is behind bars pending possible extradition to the u.s. for having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977. polanski was arrested last month as he accepted a film award. david letterman makes another apology on a late night show. >> i will be honest. i would be giving anything to be hiking on the appalachian trail. i got in the car and the
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navigation lady wasn't speaking to me. >> david letterman was forced to come clean because he was being black mailed from cbs news reporter robert j. halderman. halderman pleaded not guilty and is out of jail on $200,000 bond. the assault charges against the university of maryland basketball player william jordan has been dropped. the prosecutor says everyone involved in the case agrees prosecution is unnecessary. the coach backed his player all along. it has been a cool and sunny start to this tuesday. we are looking outside live. enjoy the sunshine today because tomorrow may be different. we will head over to marty in the first warning weather center. >> good afternoon. it is interesting. the words cool and chilly. we were five degrees below
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normal. that is on the cool side leaning to chilly. it is just the beginning of the season. 43 this morning here on tv hill. temperatures have rebounded. we will show a 62 reading downtown. 64 in elkton. i believe that we will get closer to the mid-60s on tv hill. we will come back and take a look at columbia and bel air and westminster and annapolis. all in the low 60s. we will see where they will settle. with a generous amount of sunshine through morning and midday, temperatures will rise almost 20 degrees. look at the left side of the screen, look at the clouds. that is shower activity pressure our way. showers by bedtime. that is a push of warm and humid air. full details coming up. back to you. thank you. byron pitts is back in town
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today. in the book, "step out of nothing" he tells the store story of growing up in -- story of growing up in baltimore and overcoming his stuttering problem. he will be introduced tonight by gigi barnett. >> it should be a great night there. today at noon, north korea wants to start disarmament talks, but on what terms? and how this driver got out of this predictment. and marty will be back with our first warning weather forecast.
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north korea is offering to resume disarmament talks. kim jong-il wants to deal with the white house only. this comes on the day that south korea says they will move to disassemble. and the aid that has come to
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the philippines. the torrential rains isolated the citizens from the mainland. food and water were in short supply. the marines were diverted from a joint exercise from the armed forces for the humanitarian issue. a driver in seattle found himself sandwiched between two buses. there were though children on either bus and nobody was hurt. it was a groundbreaking day for students in the los angeles school district. the first single-gender middle school was opened. the boys and girls both attend, but placed in separate classrooms. the aclu disapproves of the
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move. we invite you to take another look outside this noon. the complete first warning forecast is two minutes away. here is a
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well, you were outside reporting live with us this morning. it is tough to say chilly. >> it was a cold start to the
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day so far. just like that, the sun came up and it warmed up. >> where were you? >> the health department. >> could you smell the chili powder? >> yes. i got right out of my car. that is all i could smell. >> some spicemaker in town was making it. sharon gibala smelled it in towson. >> she did? >> i could not smell it. >> it smelled like somebody was making a big old pot of chili. up to 65 on tv hill. i told you we would check the temperatures. 54% humidity. a slight east breeze. the barometer at 30.00". it is holding steady. 65 here. 66 in washington d.c. 64 in elkton. oakland this morning was at 43. rose to 55. still at 62 in westminster.
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61 in bel air. 63 on the water in annapolis. we have this dome of high pressure. this is running away. a couple of things are happening with the high. we are getting into the return flow and low pressure up in the great lakes is reinforcing a warm and humid air mass pressing over the region. a cool front dives in the area. there is nothing extreme coming our way. you will notice a roller coaster in temperatures two times in our favor. by bedtime tonight, maybe some rain and 56. tomorrow, 70 degrees after morning showers. we will start to clear skies out in the afternoon. it will get mild and feeling seasonal. i'll show you the numbers coming up. and another nfl sunday for the ravens. the ravens are looking to bounce back against the cincinnati bengals. you can see the game here on wjz 13. the coverage kicks off at 1:00. and still to come on
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in our health watch, many middle schools and high schools are doing a better job at cutting back on junk food. the number of schools that eliminated carbonated soft drinks fell by 25%. if you follow a mediterranean diet rich in fish and whole grains and vegetables, you may be less likely to become depressed. that finding came from 11,000 people. researchers believe the diet improves blood vessel function to reduce the chances of depression. and experimental drug to help cocaine abuse. 1/3rd of the patients in the study developed the antibodies. more research is planned. check back in with eyewitness news at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. here is sally. >> it is happening more and
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more. planes stuck on the tarmac and passengers kept inside for hours. congress may be ready to give travelers help. now the consumer group says the best food for you may be the most dangerous. we will explain that and all the breaking news at 4:00. back to you. thank you. >> stay with us. the five-day forecast is next.
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cool. [ laughter ] >> let's look at the numbers. >> we are in a pretty good weather pattern. let's look at the five-day forecast. remember i mentioned the warm front/cold front. it will take a while to get the showers out. we could be closer to 80 on friday. we have the cold front and we dive down to 72. sunday, for the ravens game at 1:00, 66 degrees. absolutely perfect football weather. ravens and bengals at the russell street coliseum. it sounds good. another big night on prime
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time. another episode of "the good wife" at 10:00 and then followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. and he has been given the key to new york and honored worldwide for landing a disabled plane on the river. now sully sullenberger is a finalist of the robert goulet mustache competition. >> you have to love that. somebody must have real confidence. the rule of thumb is when it goes gray, it must go away. >> is that true? >> it matches his gray hair, though. all the other on honors pale. >> that is our broadcast. i'm mary bubala.
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>> chloe: okay, last one to the table buys the next round. >> chance: what? what are you doing? you're already at the tab-- >> chloe: no, no, no. >> chance: you're not-- >> chloe: (laughs) >> chance: you know what? you cheat. you don't play fair. >> chloe: score! >> chance: whatever.


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